About Me

My camera has always been required gear for my journey through life, from my first film SLR to my current Nikon. I love being outdoors in my natural surroundings. My interests of boating, beaching, fishing, scuba-diving, birding and traveling, fit perfectly with my love of photography.
I was born and raised in Brooklyn and moved to Long Island, NY as a young adult. I love where I live! Since my retirement from a lengthy career in education, I have been able to devote more time to photography.

Long Island has so many beautiful beaches and parks with abundant wildlife. It’s just a wonderful place for taking photos! I enjoy sharing my images on the web.
Visit my blog, Long Island Woman  to see and read just why I love my Long Island. All of my photos here include images of Long Island, New York City, my hobbies, and my international travel adventures.

My photos are copyrighted and permission is required for use or reproduction. Hope you enjoy your visit to my site! You can order prints from my professional site: www.alidathorpe.com 

Thank you!